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ACE Elevert Boat Lift

Ace Ele-Vert lifts are the solution for narrow canals, embankments, and locations where pilings cannot be used.

This versatile elevator lift can be adapted to 90% of all installation environments. All Ele-Vert lifts require no pilings, come complete, featuring marine grade aluminum throughout and can be mounted at a variety of angles. The low profile of the Ele-Vert makes it ideal for keeping views unobstructed.

Ele-Vert Lift Features

  • Aluminum Flat Plate or (optional) E-Drive
  • Zinc Anodes
  • Guide Posts
  • Carpeted Bunk Boards
  • Stainless Steel Brackets and Axles
  • Heavy Duty Wheels and Adjustable Mount Brackets
  • Optional Aluminum Bunks
  • Optional Walkways and Platforms

Ace Ele-Vert Lift Capacities:

  • 3,000#
  • 5,000#
  • 7,000#
  • 10,000#
  • 12,000#
  • 15,000#
  • 17,000#
  • 20,000#
  • 24,000#

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